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Towards the peak of telemedicine at the #ehealthsummit in Portugal

Last year, Télémedecine 360 provided a speech on the financing situation of telemedicine in France at the 23rd ISFTeH conference in Morocco. A year on, the 24th ISFTeH conference is held with the 3rd Portugal eHealth Summit in Lisbon, and is dedicated to the best practices of eHealth, digital transformation and innovation in healthcare.

With previous years attracting over 10,000 participants, the summit may be the single largest dedicated eHealth event in Europe.  The aims of this year’s conference include facilitating educational forums while continuing to leverage Portugal’s strategic positioning in global eHealth. Over the course of the next four days, there will be more than 220 speakers with 40 international experts in fields including public health, robotics, telehealth, cyber security and data protection.

Several sessions will be dedicated to telemedicine including a session on the role of national telemedicine and telehealth societies (such as American Telemedicine Association, ATA, and the French Society of Telemedicine, SFT), attitudes and challenges in paediatric telemedicine service, on physicians’ experiences and the use of telemedicine in the corporate world.

This year boasts speakers who will discuss the implementation and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in eHealth solutions in sessions including “Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine for Diagnostic Support in Cases of Heart Failure” and workshops such as “Preparing for the future: Artificial intelligence for public health”. In an effort to increase clinical and administrative capacity through telemedicine, AI-driven technology is being developed for healthcare professionals and consumers focusing on teleconsultations services and diagnostic support systems based on machine learning.

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